Why Should You Purchase Photos for Commercial Use?

Out of the millions of free images in the Internet, why should you choose to purchase photos for commercial use? Yes, free photos can be so tempting and are so hard to resist. But, they also come with a certain level of risk. You could lose not only your hard-earned profit but also your reputation among clients. That’s why it’s better to cough up a few bucks and save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

Images for commercial use come with two types of licenses: Standard and Extended. The standard license gives you perpetual rights to use the photos in any project. You can even modify them to suit your theme and style. On the other hand, the Extended License (Enhanced in other stock photo sites) extends the usage rights of the former. This means you can do everything you can [do] with the standard license, plus unlimited print runs and use of images on products for resale.

Other stock photo sites offer more benefits when you purchase images for commercial use with an Extended License, including:

  • Multi-seat
  • Increased indemnification
  • Unlimited TV, online video and film viewers
  • Unlimited copies of print or web templates
  • Unlimited use in merchandise or promotional distribution

What is the best source for buying images for commercial use?
There are a number of stock photo websites in the market, making it difficult to choose the best place to buy images for commercial use. If you are looking for handpicked premium images at very low prices, you should check out Stock Photo Secrets. Go to the website.

SPS is a well-established stock photo website with over 5 million royalty free images. Backed by industry expert Amos Struck, it is specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. A one-stop shop, you can buy stock photos, learn more about the industry, compare stock photo agencies and find the cheapest stock images in the market.

With active subscription at SPS, you can:

  • Access to over 5 million images
  • Create and share your own lightboxes
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Download images at super high resolution
  • Get professional royalty free license
  • Keep everything you download forever

But wait, because there’s more! Being a member of the stock photo website entitles you to 50% discount on Extended License image packs. The regular price of a single image from SPS costs $80, but members can purchase it for only $40. Image prices vary between $22 and $60, depending on how many you want to buy and whether you are a member or not.

With prices this low, Stock Photo Secrets becomes the best source to purchase stock photos for commercial use. Their Extended License grants you perpetual rights to use the images commercially. For less than $100, you can purchase images for commercial use to create amazing designs to print on mugs, t-shirts, hats and many more.

What are you waiting for? Visit Stock Photo Secrets and download premium images at affordable prices. Subscribe to any plan and get the exclusive chance to purchase stock photos for commercial use half the regular price!

A Comprehensive Guide on Royalty Free Images

A Comprehensive Guide on Royalty Free Images

Pretty pictures do not just inspire people. They motivate them to take action, too. Posts with images increase engagement in websites and social media. This growing trend means we need more images to do the talking for us. However, not all of us are professional photographers and Photoshop experts. Creating powerful images is not that easy, but there are ways to get them.

Conducting your own photoshoot can be expensive and time-consuming. If you are running a small business, this could take up much of your budget. Fortunately, you can now purchase images from stock photo agencies. You might be thinking why you should buy images if you can download them for free, right? Well, stock photos come with the right license to protect you against copyright infringement. Vast majority of images from stock photo websites come with a Royalty Free license.

What does Royalty Free mean?
Royalty free refers to a type of license that allows you to use stock images for almost all purposes at a flat rate. It became popular with the rise of digital photo distribution as it offers both flexibility and affordability. You only pay for the images once, but you can use them forever within the terms and conditions of the site.

Royalty free images engages and inspires your readers without breaking your bank. They are not difficult to find, too. Many websites, such as Shutterstock and Stock Photo Secrets, offer high quality royalty free images at very affordable prices. You can use them in virtually any application in as many projects as you like. As long as you comply with the terms of the license agreement, you keep and use the images for as long as you like.

Take note that a royalty free license is paid. It does not mean you can use the images for free. It only means you can them as many times as you like without paying additional fees. The initial license is meant to protect yourself and your clients from copyright issues that may arise down the road. The price of royalty free images are often based on file size, number of permitted users and many other factors. For instance, iStock price their royalty free images by collection.

What are the allowed uses for Royalty Free Images?
Royalty free images can be used for personal, editorial and commercial purposes. Personal use refers to the use of images not for commercial gain. Examples might include use of images on wedding announcements and social newsletters. Commercial use, on the other hand, may be commonly defined as intended for promotional, merchandising and endorsement purposes. This could include use of images on company websites, brochures, presentations and products.

Editorial use of royalty free images is more restrictive. While you only pay for the images once, you get to use it forever for editorial purposes only. For instance, you can them to illustrate or enhance text in print and digital publications. The distribution allowance is also limited by most stock photo agencies. Some out the reproduction or print run limit to 500,000 copies, but others put it at only 250,000. So, be sure to read the license agreement to avoid issues in the future.

What is the best source for buying Royalty Free Images?
With several great choices in the market, finding your primary source of stock images can be time consuming. You can use the extra time to enhance your creative project. To help you save time for that, here are some of the best sources for buying royalty free images.

  • Stock Photo Secrets. SPS is a one-stop shop for all your royalty free images needs. Whether you are looking for information about the industry or buying stock photos, this is the stock photo agency for you. They have over 5 million handpicked premium stock images in their collection, available for personal and commercial purposes. You can also find free photos and vectors, and COUPONS in the website.
  • Boasting the largest royalty free image collection, Shutterstock offers amazing content for your next project. They have very straightforward prices, too. You will surely find a plan that suits your creative needs and budget. The stock site also has an integrated editor that you can use to make fast and easy edits. By signing up, you can get access to their curated collection, and some free content every week.
  • Adobe Stock. A must-have stock site for Creative Cloud users, Adobe Stock offers variety and convenience. They have over 60 million high quality, royalty free images in their collection that you can access, license and manage directly from your favorite Adobe software. Images are available with subscription plans and credits packs. Choose whichever works for your creative needs and budget.
  • iStock by Getty Images offers royalty free images that will make stand out. With a large high quality collection and affordable prices, you will find the right image while giving your budget a break. All files belong to one of their two collections: Signature and Essentials. The Signature collection offers the best quality, while the Essentials collection has the lowest price. The stock site also offers free stock files every week.

The quality of free images from the Internet can be lower than paid images from the stock photo agencies. The better quality ones can be overused, which means their effectiveness may be diluted. Sources of these free images are also unlikely to have inspection process, which increases the risk of a dispute down the road. If you want to enhance your creative project and make it successful, purchase and download royalty free images.

Images are just as important as a well-written content. Instead of telling, you can show your readers what you are referring to. For visual content that engages and inspires, purchase royalty free images. For a one-time fee, you can use the in any project for as long as you like. Just be sure to read the license agreement of the stock site you are buying them from. They are also a great component for commerce-related content strategy as they spark the interest of your readers and motivate them to take action.

Purchase Stock Photos for Commercial Use to Avoid Copyright Issues

If you are running a business, you are probably involved in some kind of promotion and advertising. Now, images are one of the best tools in this area. Not having to use one can greatly affect your reach. Since conducting your own photoshoot can be expensive and time-consuming, you are inclined to download from the Internet. And, the internet is one big whirlpool of images – both free and with a price tag.

Typically, you need to have the rights to copy the image and use the individual’s image before you can use that picture for your advertising campaign. If you took the photograph yourself, then you own the copyright. If you employee took it, then company owns the copyright. But if you simply found the image in the internet, you will need to get a license from the original copyright owner.

To protect yourself against copyright issues, it is best to purchase a blanket license to use the photos for commercial use from a stock photo website. In this case, you don’t have to track down the copyright holder and get a license to use the image in your campaign.

Now, there are two types of royalty-free license: standard and extended. The Standard royalty free license comes with perpetual rights to use the images in any project. On the other hand, the Extended royalty free license extends the usage rights to include unlimited print runs and use of merchandise for resale. It is also known as Enhanced in other stock photo agencies.

Where to Buy Images for Commercial Use
To avoid copyright issues, you can purchase stock photos for commercial use from the following websites:

  • Stock Photo Secrets
    For the cheapest deals in the market, you can buy images for commercial use at SPS. The regular price of images is between $44 and $80, which is the lowest among well-established stock photo agencies. But, members get to enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on all Extended License images. If you have an active subscription at the stock site, you can download images for as low as $22 each (depending on the size of the pack you purchase).
  • Depositphotos
    Depositphotos has a wide offer in cheap stock photos, including Extended License that is available on-demand. Image costs range between $64 and $89, which is the second cheapest among well-established stock photo agencies. With over 60 million high quality photos in the library, you can simply pay in advance for photos for commercial use and use them whenever you want within one year of purchase.
  • Shutterstock

One of the most popular stock photo sites, Shutterstock is home to over 180 million high quality images. They offer images for commercial use with an Extended License on demand, starting at $199 for two photos. Depending on the size of the pack you want to buy, you can get download stock images between $68 and $99.50 each.

If you want to save yourself from copyright trouble in the future, ditch the free images from the web and visit one of these three reputable and well-established stock photo agencies. They all offer high quality images at very low prices.

Buy Images for Commercial Use from Shutterstock

Are you looking for stunning content at straightforward pricing? Being part of the business and creative industry is not a walk in the park. With lots of sources to choose from, finding the right stock photo agency to buy images for commercial use from can be a bit challenging.

Like other reputable and well-established stock photo websites, Shutterstock offers high quality images at affordable prices. They boast the largest stock photo collection in the market, making it a great choice for licensing images for commercial use. Pricing and plans are pretty straightforward, too. There are various plans available for individuals and multiple users. All give access and legal coverage for every user.

You can get images on-demand with as low as 5 photos for $49, perfect for a single project. For ongoing projects, you can choose between monthly and annual commitments. You can save more with an annual plan, allowing you to purchase images for as low as $0.27 each. For more info, the monthly plan is the best option. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Shutterstock offers two types of licenses with their stock photos for commercial use: standard and enhanced.

  • The Standard License allows up to 500,000 physical reproductions (e.g. books, magazines and product packaging). It also lets you use images on TV, online videos and film viewers with up to $10,000 budget. You can use the images in any project for as long as you like, with up to $10,000 legal indemnification per image.
  • The Enhanced License, on the other hand, comes with the same usage rights as its standard counterpart – plus, bonus rights to use the images on copies of web or print templates and on merchandise for resale. You also get unlimited physical reproductions as well as use of images on TV, online videos and film viewers with unlimited production budgets.

Images for commercial use with an Enhanced License are only available on demand. If you wish to download and use images in more places for more purposes, choose among the available packs of images:

  • 2 images for $199
  • 5 images for $449
  • 25 images for $1,699

Download the images within a year, and enjoy greater legal protection and unlimited physical reproductions. You can use your image downloads in merchandise, clothing and artwork without worrying about copyright issues down the road.

What makes Shutterstock the best source for buying stock images for commercial use?
Shutterstock is one of the most well-established stock photo agencies in the market with over 15 years of experience. It also has the largest stock photo collection of over 180 million high quality images, so you will definitely find what you are looking for. If you wish to purchase stock images for commercial use with an extended license, you can too. The stock site offers enhanced license images on demand, so you can use your downloads in more places for more purposes.

What are you waiting for? Find amazing photos for commercial use for your next project at Shutterstock. Sign up now and get free content every week!